Nutcase was founded to change the image of boring. To make helmets fun again. To make it something you want to wear without having to. A work of art, something that makes you smile every time you wear it.

Nutcase makes helmets for everyone. No matter where you live, how old you are, or what kind of bike you ride, they have a helmet that fits your head, and fits your soul.


Cycling is a way of life in the west coast city of Portland, Oregon. Portland leads the country in commuting by bike (up to 7% of the population, as of 2015), is home to the country's only exclusive transit bike-pedestrian bridge, hosts a film festival with a bike, makes deliveries with cargo bikes and tricycles, and comes together for an entire month of themed rides and bike-fun during Pedalpalooza in the month of June each year.

The Birth of Nutcase


Nutcase was founded during a football game between two rival teams in Oregon in 2000, when Michael Morrow, president and founder of Nutcase and former Nike Creative Director, pulled out two helmets he'd cobbled together in his garage, both adorned with each team's mascot.

He wore them into the stands at the game, and the reaction of the fans around him was immediate. People loved the helmets. Something clicked in Michael's head at that moment: "Sports helmets are boring. They are either licensed cartoon character designs for children or simple solid colours. The helmet that is a vibrant extension of one's personality.... it doesn't exist."

He thought more about it, and realised, "Most helmets are either hole cheese or based on cartoon characters, which means anyone over the age of three is pretty much ruled out. I believe there are children and adults who want to ride their bike or skateboard in a helmet shape that is simpler than the aerodynamic bike helmet style, and want a product that is visually more fun and expressive than another black helmet," Morrow said. "People aren't going to wear helmets less in the future, so someone has to make them more exciting to wear. That 'someone' is Nutcase!"

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