Who is Restrap


It all started in 2010 in a back room. From a single sewing machine, founder Nathan made pedal straps, first for himself, then for his friends. Interest grew, as did Restrap, and Nathan set out to create the full range of bags, luggage and accessories available today.

The back room soon became too small. Today Restrap has a large workshop in Leeds and has become a close-knit team of machinists, designers, family and friends.


At Restrap they are proud of their Yorkshire roots and the landscape that inspires the brand. They have invested in the best machinery to ensure the products are handmade, in the UK, using sustainable materials and local labour.

A team of outdoor enthusiasts. When they're not sewing, they're testing the products thoroughly, so they can get themselves and their gear as wet, muddy and good as possible.


We have one simple mantra: "design, build, ride".

Every product starts as a simple idea. Is there a gap in the market? We fill it. It's sketched, prototyped, made, tweaked and tested until we have something the team is happy with.

We strive to invent, improve and innovate - not just reproduce what is already available.


Producing everything in-house means one thing - control. Restrap has complete control over the materials they use, how the products are made and to change and improve designs whenever they want.


Restrap works with some of the world's leading fastener manufacturers to find a unique solution for all conditions. From super-wear-resistant metal components to precision magnetic fasteners, Restrap offers great utility in all its

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