About us

Florismoo FO Zeus backpack pannier shoulderbag

My name is Erik Ooms, owner and founder of the webshop Florismoo.

As a cycling enthusiast, the bicycle industry has always attracted me, but personally I think there is too much of the same on the Dutch market, hence my choice to start a webshop with niche products for the cyclist, hiker or home worker. Many of our products are purchased from small brands at home and abroad, they have the craftsmanship in-house and also the products will not be found in every shop, so exclusivity is guaranteed.

The name Florismoo is made up of the name Floris (my son) and our shared surname Ooms mirrored minus an S.

Florismoo started in late 2014 with the vision of providing bicycles, lifestyle products and accessories filled with craftsmanship, passion and authenticity in an honest way.

Florismoo is an online shop with an accompanying shop/showroom at home and is located at Ameland 17 in Heemskerk (right along the A9).
The showroom can be visited by appointment (or call us if you are in the area) and gives you the opportunity to test, feel and see the products.
The advantage of Florismoo is the personal attention and good service we can offer you.

The exclusive brands of the bikes, accessories and lifestyle products include Tokyobike, Hill&Ellis, Nutcase, Restrap, Weathergoods, Véli, Bikeparka and Doli.


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